A Great Weekend

This past weekend Chris and I traveled home to see my parents. My sister Claire, her husband William, and my niece Evelyn also came so we had a great time being all together. The last time I was  home was in June and at the time my parents were in the process of remodeling their kitchen and living area so I saw it all torn apart. However, since then it has finally gotten finished and I couldn’t wait to see it! I love seeing home transformations with before and after pictures. Sadly, I don’t have pictures to show you what it looked like before. It was not at all bad, but my family agreed that it was lacking in many areas so it was well worth the wait. Here are some pics of the new kitchen.

In addition to the kitchen, my parents decided to take an existing outdoor porch we had and convert it to be part of the house and living room. It really opens up the space and I think it flows a little better now.

This picture was a little dark but you still get the idea.

This room is what used to be the porch, and what is nice is that it now connects directly to the garage so you don’t have to walk outside to get inside anymore. My mom also had the house decorated for Halloween and it all looked so festive!

Saturday night we headed out to have dinner at a new seafood place that my parents have recently discovered. It was out near the beach and right on the pier with really pretty views. While we were there we learned that it is a popular place for fishermen because they can dock their boats and bring in the fish they caught that day and the restaurant will cook it for them. Sounds like a good deal to me! So as you can imagine we ate our weight in fried fish, but it tasted so good since it had been a while.

Overall, we had a great time being with my family and spending some quality time at home.

I hope you all have a great week ahead!

One Response to “A Great Weekend”

  1. Judy says:

    Love the new kitchen! Tell Chris it was worth the wait! And also love how they took in the porch…wonderful idea and looks great! You all look wonderful and bet you enjoyed playing with Evelyn! She is getting so big!