The end of summer

Tomorrow Chris and I head back to work at our schools. This week is our week to get everything ready and then next Monday the kids come back. Even though it has been a super busy summer while I took more classes for my masters and completed my library science practicum, it still was a great summer, even if it was stressful at times. I accomplished a lot and I am ready to get back into the routine of things. Sure, starting a new school year is tough. Having a brand new group of students to get to know, and having to start from square one takes patience. Reteaching rules and expectations can get tiresome, especially since this will be my 9th year to do it, but the kids eventually get the hang of it and things start to get easier. So to me the end of summer is always bittersweet.

Here are some random pictures from our summer that I never had a chance to post. A few are of me at my practicum in the libraries I worked in and then the rest are of a fun family trip we got to take to Breckenridge, Colorado. It was our one trip of the summer and it was great!

Me on my first day at the high school library I worked in. It was a huge library and really beautiful!

Lots of windows and natural light.

Their mascot was a bobcat.

Sadly, I never got a picture of my mentor librarian at the high school.

After I was done at the high school I started at an elementary library.

This is me and my mentor librarian, Mary. She was so sweet and helpful. I learned a lot from her.

This was my last day where we held a party for the kids who read the most books over the summer.

Mary hired a clown and the kids loved her! I have always kind of had a fear of clowns, but this one was not scary at all! Ha!



Then onto our fun trip to Breckenridge. Here are just a few of our pictures from there.

This was the view of the mountains from the house we rented.

Our street view along with some pretty flowers.

More breathtaking mountain views. The weather was just as great as the views.

Me and my sister Claire.

Chris and I

Me and my parents. Our main reason for this trip was to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary!

Claire and I about to ride the Alpine Slide. It was like a sled with wheels and so much fun!

Another beautiful view from a hike we went on.

Our family picture on our front porch of our house.


Overall we had a great time, and a wonderful summer!







4 Responses to “The end of summer”

  1. Loved your pics from Breckenridge! It looked like yall had a great time and the weather looked awesome. I am so jealous! Thanks for the update and the comments on my blog. Miss you too!

  2. Jamie says:

    Have a great school year! Rhett started back to school today–I’m anxious to hear about his day. :)

    Colorado looks amazing!

  3. Nancy says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip! And that first library is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Have a great school year! We live in AL & ours started last Thursday. Seems like it is earlier every year!

  4. Kay land says:

    Carrie, I am so proud of you for getting your masters in library science. I know you will love being a librarian as much as I do. I also love getting to see the pictures of your vacation. I was there when your parents got married you know.